Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blind Ambition

I promised WB Stephen I'd post a picture of my TO READ pile. Here it is:

Ok, the Nancy Drew book is my daughter's. She thinks she's big guns because she likes to read novels like Mommy. But wait. I'm not done showing you my TO READ PILE.

This is my TO READ bookcase:

Ok, in all fairness, I have read some of these books. I just ran out of room on my ALREADY READ bookcase.

Finally, this is why I don't have any time to read:


... Paige said...

Adorable reason.
I was just telling Stephen I have added to my "to read" stack. Why do they put book stores so close to ice cream and coffee shops?

J.C. Towler said...

Holy cuteness, Batman.

I don't know where some folks find the time to chew through books like they do. I envy them.

You, not so much. That's a pile, for sure.


Stephen said...

Great Reading pile, Greta! And I completely understand the little things that take up so much time. I have a couple of those as well.

Great pic of the kiddo, BTW. Has she penned any more stories? Like mother, like daughter, hey?

Take care.

Linda said...

What a cutie pie! Move down here and we can have a play date!

I am straining to see your titles...

Here's my 75+ in 5 years...

Peace, Linda

Jodi MacArthur said...

LOL, Greta!

How cute. They keep you on your toes, huh?

I must say, at least your books are nicely stacked upon your nightstand. Mine are falling over all the over the place. I even have half a shimmer magazine hanging off my bed frame. Just looked. Still there.

Enjoyed this.