Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MySixWriMo Day 1

Today marks the official start of MySixWriMo, an entirely unsubsidized, unauthorized event that I made up on a whim. MySixWriMo invites participants to write a 6 sentence story based on a daily prompt. Six Sentence stories are inspired by the form created by Rob McEvily at his blogzine, Six Sentences.

We'll use prompts provided by Robert Brewer, who hosts the April Poem a Day month event at his blog, Poetic Asides. (Poem a Day is an event sponsored by Writer's Digest.) In addition, I may also post another prompt from The Writer's Book of Matches, published by Writer's Digest Books.

You may email your finished 6s to me or post them in the comments section here if you want to be held accountable, but sharing isn't required. This is strictly for fun.

Today's prompt from Robert Brewer at Poetic Asides:

For today's prompt, I want you to write an origin poem. It can be the origin of a word, person, plant, idea, etc. Have fun with it.

And the prompt taken from The Writer's Book of Matches:

"She checked out last night."

I'll be back later to share my own 6 sentence interpretation. Good luck, everyone!


Anonymous said...

congrats on the Million Writers Award nomination; In Limbo is a fine piece....

Greta said...

Million Writers Award nominee??? Holy smokes! You could blow me over with a feather right now. I'm writing cliches, so you know I'm completely stupefied by this :)

Wow. Better just focus on today's 6. Here it is. I think this is one that could use that 7th sentence.

Long Road Home

“She checked out last night.” The man behind the desk was small and round, his watery eyes filled with pity.

“Did she say where she was going?”

His eyes dropped to his fingers, watched them curl the corner of the desk blotter, up and down, up and down, up and down.

“She didn’t say.”

I went back to the car, my ears humming hollowly as I faced another long road home without my daughter.

Stephen said...

Congrats on the Million Writers Award nomination. That's deserving news.

Your six strikes a pain in the heart of every parent who worries about the future of their daughter, and the emotional impact on your reader was nicely done.

JohnOBX said...

She checked out last night. Tire pressure, oil levels, even the wiper fluid. I did everything a good dad is supposed to do before a family trip, and yet here we sit on the side of the road waiting for AAA. The kids are hot and the wife is hot in an entirely different way. Some guys think women are beautiful when they are angry; I'm not a subscriber. I kick the tires feeling as useless as a bent nail and wonder if the tow driver will let me sit alone in my faithless chariot as he drags it back to the garage.

Greta said...

Awesome 6, John. And a clever twist on the prompt. Send it in somewhere. It works!

Jane Banning said...

She checked out last night. She checked out today. She checked out day before yesterday. In fact, she checked it out a lot of times over the past week: morning and afternoon and night. Crap, it was true, red and real on her calendar. She was a week late.

Greta said...

Hah! Good one, Jane. Us ladies know about this :)