Friday, October 30, 2009

At Last!

Drumroll, please...

30 Days, 30 Writes 2009 has been released for your reading enjoyment. This collection features short writing by Jane Banning, Stephen Book, JC Towler and myself.

You can pick up a free e-copy at There's also a link to purchase a full-color, bound print copy, if you'd like a copy of your very own.

Please tell us what you think. We'd love to have your comment on the 30 Days blog. And keep in mind we're thinking of doing this again next year. We hope you'll consider joining us next April for 30 Days, 30 Writes, 2010. Stephen and I are already simmering a juicy batch of prompts to inspire you.


... Paige said...

I will pop over there on the exciting

... Paige said...

that is great work. I recommended that jon pop over for a look see. he is considering doing something with his flash friday fiction.

Greta Igl said...

Thanks, Paige! I thought everyone came up with some really great stories. It was fun to see the wide variety of work we collected.

Sure would be cool if Jon did something with those fridayflashes. He's got some great material to work with.

J.C. Towler said...

Greta, you're going to get tired of hearing me compliment you and Stephen on the work you put into this, but I'll do it again anyway. I've circulated the news to friends and family and have heard some nice things about all the shorts in 30/30.

Glad you and the family are getting over the flu. Being sick is no fun.



Raven said...


This is very enjoyable! I love the collection. I'm reading through it and admiring the beautiful construction of each short.

Great job!